Cataratas en Guatemala

Las cataratas de Guatemala son impresionantes, pero ¿cómo se volvió tan afortunado el país? En Guatemala llueve constante durante la mitad del año. Toda el agua fluye terreno abajo, formando arroyos y ríos que finalmente llegan al mar; en algunos lugares el agua se encuentra con caídas repentinas que provocan la formación de cataratas asombrosas. ¿Cree que todas son iguales? Piénselo de nuevo.

Coban Guatemala

Central Highlands

Visit the ranch called Finca Sacmoc to see Sapurcaq Waterfall, which plummets over 131 feet of rocky cliff face. Just outside of Cobán, you can find the more dimunitive Chijul falls. They flow into a body of water that's popular for kayaking, swimming, and stand-up paddleboarding. Take a scenic hike through a bamboo forest to visit the Ram Tzul Falls.

If you’re willing to take a drive, the terrain around Cobán offers up some exciting waterfall adventures. On a road trip to Chilascó, you might visit the impressive cascade of El Salto, an attraction that takes you a bit off the beaten path. About 90 minutes north of Cobán, you can visit the Hun Nal Ye Ecological Park which has waterfalls as well as beautifully preserved trails, horseback riding, and a lagoon with clear water that makes a lovely spot for a swim.