Atitlán Volcano 1 or 2-day Tour

This is a 1-day tour of the Atitlán Volcano and can be extended for a 2-day tour where you'll hike to the summit and camp on the volcano.

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  • Duration: 14 hrs
  • Available Days: Every day
  • Schedule: 3:00 AM
  • Hotel Transport Included
  • Mobile Ticket Included
  • Offered in English, Spanish

Experience Highlights

Guided Tours
Atitlán Nature Reserve

On the first day of this tour you'll leave Panajachel and head to San Lucas Toliman, which is where you will begin the hike up the Atitlán Volcano.

During the 7-hour hike, you'll hike through the jungle and enjoy fantastic views of the area. The forest here has lots of animals and you have a good chance of seeing some as you walk along the trail.

The last 500 meters of this hike is rocky and steep, so be ready to give it your all! The view from the summit - which looks out over Lake Atitlán and the surrounding mountains - is well worth the effort.
Afternoon head back to the village and return to Hotel .

For a 2-Day hike You'll spend the afternoon relaxing up here and will camp on the volcano.

In the early morning the next day you'll enjoy sunrise from the top of the volcano. The sunrise bathes the whole scene in vibrant colors and is a truly remarkable sight. Afterwards, you'll have breakfast, pack up, and hike back to Panajachel. This final hike takes about five hours.

Attraction Visited

Atitlán Nature Reserve

The Atitlán Nature Reserve is located along the shores of Lake Atitlán outside the town of Panajachel. This private reserve offers all kinds of fun activities, including hiking, zip lining, swimming, and more.

Atitlán Nature Reserve

What to Bring

Hiking shoes, athletic clothes, sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, water bottle, flashlight, and money for personal expenses and snacks.

What's included

1-Day: Experienced guide, transportation, and 2meals. 2-Day: Plus Equipment camping and 2 more meals.


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