Ecuador Adventures

Fancy yourself an adrenaline junkie? Ecuador is well suited to adventurous travelers. The landscape rewards intrepid hikers with truly memorable sights. Bring durable shoes for making your way through Amazonian jungles and over volcanoes. You'll want to be sure that you bring your binoculars too, because destinations like Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve are teeming with plants and animals you're sure to want to get a closer look at.

San Cristóbal Ecuador
San Cristóbal


Kicker Rock is one of the best-known — on a diving tour you'll have the chance to see sharks, sea turtles, and manta rays. For even more of a challenge, head to Española Island to see birds and sea lions. Experience a remote beach on a trip to Ochoa Beach, which is only accessible by boat. Be on the lookout for blue-footed booties and pelicans, and share the white-sand beach with sea lions.

Baños Ecuador

Central Sierra

Follow the Waterfall Route from Baños to Puyo, past some of the most extraordinary waterfalls in the country, including El Paílon del Diablo , which amazes viewers with its height of 262 feet . A stone staircase follows the length of the waterfall and has several built-in viewing platforms. This route also comes with chances to go zip-lining over cascades.