Necrotour at Quetzaltenango Cementery

Necrotour at Quetzaltenango Cementery

This tour explores the Quetzaltenango Cemetery at night. It's a great introduction to the Guatemalan cultural practices surrounding death.

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This nocturnal tour of the Quetzaltenango Cemetery is a perfect opportunity to experience the cemetery's history and architecture. Death is a complex thing in Guatemala, involving both intense celebration and mourning.

The grave styles - some are huge mausoleums while others are simple plots without even a headstone - reflect changing attitudes towards burial practices and family economics. Some are huge and elaborate, while others are basic and packed as tight as an apartment building.

Guides have in-depth knowledge of the cemetery's history. These guides provide travelers with a well-rounded experience. You'll walk among the graves and learn about the architectural, historical, and even artistic background of the gravestones and monuments.

To make the monuments really stand out, this tour is generally offered on nights when the moon is full.

What to Bring

Warm clothes and camera.

What's included

Guide and security.


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