Can I Take Public Buses Around Guatemala?

Yes. Many travelers use buses and shuttle buses to get around in Guatemala. The so-called "chicken buses" operate within and between cities. These buses are painted in bright colors and tend to pack as many people into them as possible. Chicken buses are very inexpensive, but are not always the most comfortable (or safe) way to get around.

Tourist shuttle buses run along major tourism routes. These are more expensive, but are also safer and more comfortable than chicken buses.

There are also first-class buses that run between major cities like Guatemala City, Quetzaltenango, Huehuetenango, Flores, and Puerto Barrios. These luxury coaches sometimes have restrooms and food service.

Bus travel is a great opton for travelers wth a flexible schedule and tight budget. That said, buses may take longer than other forms of transportation and may also be less comfortable.

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