Ecuador Coastal Cities

Ecuador Coastal Cities


Ecuador's coastline is striking any time of year, however, it's not every day that you're on vacation! The best time to visit Ecuador's coastal region is during the dry season, between July and November; during this period the weather will allow you to get the most out of the beaches and coastal preserves. North of Guayaquil, mangrove forests crowd the shores, birdwatching, and marine mammal observation are also popular pastimes.

Port cities like Manta are known for their bustling fish markets. To the south, Ecuador’s Pacific beaches are becoming popular vacation spots for people from all over the world. Ecuador has an increasing number of beachside resorts, but many of the country’s nicest beaches remain uncrowded and pristine — lucky you! Don't wait for future development; book your holiday today and enjoy the unspoilt beauty of Ecuador's coastal regions.

#1:  Guayaquil

Explore the gulf of Guayaquil, Ecuador. Start by venturing down some of the ''Spondylus Route" — a scenic drive which spans Ecuador's beaches, museums, bays, national parks, and more. Have a picnic on San Clemente Beach, or snorkel near the cliff base of Machalilla National Park's Los Frailes Beach.

From the beaches, you can easily access the Agua Blanca community — an ancestral community of over 86 families, full of exciting adventures, delicious cuisine, and relaxation opportunities...sulfur lagoon anyone?

As the "commercial heart" of the country, you'll be able to enjoy everything from fine dining to luxury accommodations. A daytrip to Montecristi will show you how authentic Panama hats are made from toquilla straw. A jaunt to Rocafuerte will net you some delicious avocado ceviche with peanuts!

From taking in sunset views to renewing your love of sketching, Guayaquil's coastline is sure to entice you to spend some time admiring the beauty of the division between land and sea.

#2:  Puerto Lopez

Puerto López is a busy port town right outside of Machalilla National Park — one of the crown jewels of the Ecuadorian coastline. This area has some of the country’s most spectacular opportunities for admiring animals in the wild.

Go here to see the clear waters of one Ecuador’s most beautiful beaches, Los Frailes beach. Hike to the cliffs overlooking the beach for a spectacular view of breaching whales. You can also book sport fishing trips in the area that allow you to reel in enormous catches while admiring the incredible Pacific scenery.

Depart from the Machalilla coast to take day trips to nearby wildlife destinations, like Plata Island, a birdwatching spot with some of the same exotic species you would find in the Galápagos, like blue-footed boobies and albatrosses. Around the coast, you can also find spots for snorkeling around coral reef.