The Best Things to do in Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

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7 Things to Do in Coban

Cahabon Rafting Tour, Guatemala
Cahabon Rafting TourCobán, Alta Verapaz

Río Cahabón offers the best opportunity for whitewater rafting in Guatemala. The river rapids cover a variety of difficulty levels, ranging from class I to IV – all but the most difficult rapids. Much of this 7.5-mile route has class III and IV rapids.

Nature Walk
Biotopo del Quetzal, Guatemala
Biotopo del QuetzalCobán, Alta Verapaz

Make a trip to the Bíotopo del Quetzál to look for quetzals with jewel-toned green plumage. Their feathers were used as currency by the pre-Hispanic Mayans. They dwell in the branches of the aguacatillo trees, which are identifiable by their avocado-shaped fruits.

Bird Watching
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Nature Walk
King Marcos Cave, Guatemala
King Marcos CaveCobán, Alta Verapaz

King Marcos cave is best known for its enormous natural formations. Some of its stalagmites and stalactites are so sculptural that they have earned nicknames – one large formation is called "the Tower of Pisa.”

Cave Exploration
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Laguna Lachua Tour, Guatemala
Laguna Lachua TourCobán, Alta Verapaz

Laguna Lachuá National Park is named after the Lachuá Lake . It is located in Guatemala’s steamy lowlands. The perfectly round lake and the surrounding park are kept quite pristine by the local rangers.

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Candelaria Camposanto Tour, Guatemala
Candelaria Camposanto TourCobán, Alta Verapaz

The Candelaria Caves are a network of 7 caves, formed by the waters of the Río Candelaria. Some of the caves have ceilings that are nearly 200 feet high. According to Mayan legend, these caves formed the entrance to Xibalba, or the underworld.

Cave Exploration
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Nature Walk
Chicoj Coffee Tour, Guatemala
Chicoj Coffee TourCobán, Alta Verapaz

On this tour, you’ll get to take an informative hike around the Chicoj coffee plantation. Your guide will explain the process of growing and selling Guatemalan coffee beans.

Coffee Tour
Naturalist Guide
Coban Orchid Tour, Guatemala
Coban Orchid TourCobán, Alta Verapaz

Orquigonia consists of a small park with a trail that’s about half a mile long. It’s not a very large park, but it sprouts a large variety of orchids and plants. Orchids are some of the most highly-prized species of flowers in the world, and they come in a variety of colors and delicate shapes.

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