Guatemala Rivers

Guatemala's rivers crisscross the nation as they flow from highland areas into the country’s coastal zones. How does that create a better getaway for you? It means that you will enjoy enjoy dockside access to beautiful bodies of water if you add Guatemala's river destinations to your travel to-do list. If you're lucky, then the last time you heard the sound of a river, you might have been on a weekend rafting or fishing trip, but what if it's been longer than that? Was it when you were enjoying a beer with your friends during university? Maybe it was skipping stones during summer vacation. Rediscover the subtle allure of nature as you listen to Guatemala's rivers flow.

Coban Guatemala

Central Highlands

Cahobán is one of the main rivers in town, and it offers rapids from class I to class IV. Candelaria River forms pools in the series of seven caves with ceilings as high as 200 feet . Follow the river to reach the Tzul Tacca chamber, the end of the river and one of its most striking spots.