Where Is The Best Fishing In Guatemala?

One of the incredible things about Guatemala is that it's a country where no two vacations have to be alike. You can indulge your passion for Mayan culture, go on a beach getaway, enjoy days of leisure as you do nothing but rest and relax — or, you can go on a spectacular fishing getaway. ...That last one sounds good...

Guatemala is home to remarkable oceanic and lake fishing. Incredible sailfishing can be had at Iztapa, which is located along Guatemala's Pacific coast about 90 minutes from Guatemala City. In fact, Iztapa is hailed as the "Sailfish Capital of The World," having set world records for single-day catch-and-release. Lake fishing can be enjoyed at Lake Atitlán, where you may be able to hook largemouth bass.

How do you make this fisherman's fantasy a reality? It starts with understanding the best time to go to Guatemala. In general, Guatemala's dry season is November to May, but your Anywhere Travel Consutlant will offer you the best advice! The Caribbean coast can rain anytime of year, and they might have inside intel on when the fish are most likely to bite!

When you've determined when you're going to book your fishing adventure, it's time to figure out how you're going to get to Guatemala and make sure you're prepared to meet Guatemalan entry requirements. Many visitors will air travel most convenient, and will require little more than a vaild passport and proof of onward travel — however, it's still best to verify this information prior to your departure.

The last step, when it's finally time to pack, find out what you should bring when you're heading off to do the best fishing in Guatemala.

Not only are you going to do some of the best fishing in Guatemala, you're going to come back with some of the best travel stories ever!

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