Guatemala Entry Requirements

United States citizens traveling to Guatemala will need a U.S. passport valid for at least six months past their intended length of stay. A ticket documenting onward or return travel is also needed. U.S. citizens can stay in Guatemala for up to 90 days without having a visa.

Citizens of other countries, including those in the European Union, Canada, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Japan and Switzerland, need a passport valid for at least three months past their intended length of stay and proof of onward or return travel. Entry is limited to 30 days, but extensions can be arranged through the local immigration office.

In 2006, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua formed an agreement known as the CA-4 Border Control Agreement. The agreement allows citizens of these countries to travel freely across each other’s land borders without going through formalities at immigration checkpoints.

U.S. citizens and other foreign nationals who legally enter any of these countries can also travel within these four countries without needing additional visas or entry permits. The immigration officials in your original host country determine your length of stay, which is usually 90 days. If you want to stay for longer than 90 days in this four-country region then you must seek a one-time extension from local immigration authorities. Alternatively, you can travel to a country outside the CA-4 region and then reenter Guatemala.

Guatemalan law requires foreigners to carry their passport (or a copy) with them at all times. It’s a good idea to print off a few copies of your passport before traveling and then keep them in a waterproof bag while in Guatemala.

Foreign travelers to Guatemala can bring reasonable goods and belongings for personal use, including cameras, computers, sports gear, medicine, clothing, and jewelry, all of which are permitted duty-free. It’s rare for customs officials in Guatemala to check the luggage of arriving tourists.

No inoculations or shots are required to enter Guatemala.

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