Where Is The Best Surfing in Guatemala?

There is so much to discover in Guatemala — the beauty of nature, a vibrant and colourful culture, history through archaeology, and so much more. But, did you know that Guatemala is also home to a burgeoning surf scene?...

Surf getaway destinations

Guatemala doesn't have a wealth of surf spots, but a surf scene is emerging at the Pacific Coast village of Sipacate. Iztapa and Monterrico also have good breaks.

When you want a break from the waves, but aren't ready to leave the sun and sand, there are plenty of Guatemalan beaches to choose from — some of which are frequented by locals. You may find the dry season (November to early May) to be the best time to visit Guatemala — especially if outdoor adventures are at the top of your to-do list, but keep in mind that the Caribbean coast can see rain throughout the year.

Prepping for your surf getaway

As with most forms of international travel, the easiest way to get to Guatemala is going to be by air, but if you're so inclined, the actual voyage can be part of your adventure if you want to enter the country by land or sea.

Guatemalan entry requirements are fairly simple, and require little more than a passport valid for 3-6 months past your intended length of stay (pending your country of origin), and proof of onward travel.

The most important things you can bring with you to Guatemala are insect repellant and sunglasses, but since you'll likely be planning all kinds of adventures across multiple terrains, we recommend consulting our "What Should I Bring to Guatemala?" page.

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