Admiring the Long Tailed Manakin in Los Tarrales

The Los Tarrales reserve boasts various types of forest. Humid tropical forests and cloud forests on the side of Atitlán Volcano create habitat for a colorful population of rare birds.

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  • Duration: 71 hrs
  • Available Days: Every day
  • Schedule: 5:00 AM, 5:30 AM, 6:00 AM, 6:30 AM, 2:30 PM
  • Hotel Transportation Offered
  • Mobile Ticket Included
  • Offered in English, Spanish

Experience Highlights

Bird Watching
Nature Walk

Different environments throughout the park are made possible by different altitudes, ranging from 2,297 to 8,200 feet (800 m to 2,500 m) above sea level. The Los Tarrales farm works with various conservation groups to help sustain the local populations of endangered birds. There is also a selection of endemic species – species of birds that only live in this part of Central America.

On your 2-day trip to the reserve, you’ll search for a charming bird called the long-tailed manakin. The males of the species are easy to recognize, with black bodies, bright blue wings, and red feathers at the very tops of their heads. Their tails are highly distinctive, with two long, thin feathers.

Ask your expert guide to tell you about the reserve’s population of azure-rumped tanagers. This species’ ideal habitat also happens to be the perfect climate for growing coffee. As such, coffee plantations have greatly reduced the amount of land where these tanagers can make their nests. At Los Tarrales, the azure-rumped tanager and the coffee plantation can happily cohabitate.

You’ll stay the night at the on-site eco-lodge. These comfortable accommodations were built with sustainably harvested local materials. The lodge will supply you with food from local farms and coffee made from beans that were harvested just outside your door.

60 families from the indigenous Maya Kaqchikel tribe live on the farm. These residents work for the farm, helping to cultivate the coffee and the ornamental plants that grow on the reserve. Tourism helps provide an income to these families.

What to Bring

Hiking clothes, sunblock, hat, camera, water bottle, and anything you need for an overnight stay.

What's included

Transportation, guided tour, entrance fee, one night's lodging (in a double occupancy room), 2 lunches, 1 dinner, and 1 breakfast.


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