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Birding Tour at Tikal PhotoBirding Tour at Tikal Photo

On the first day of your journey, you’ll start your exploration of the area’s wildlife on a trail through the jungle of the Tikal National Park. Eventually you will come to a clearing, scattered with the stony ruins of Mayan temples and palaces. You have arrived at Tikal, home to one of the most prominent dynasties during the Mayan classic period. OPTIONAL only Professional Bird guide, lunch ,entrance fee to site.


4:00 AM: Early-morning pickup for guests staying in Antigua.

If you are in Guatemala City, you will be picked up from your hotel at 5:00 AM.

6:30 AM: Departure for flight from Guatemala City to Flores.

07:30 Arrive at Flores airport.

You’ll start your exploration of the area’s wildlife on a trail through the jungle at the Tikal National Park. Hiking through Tikal National Park, you’ll see a number of neo-tropical birds, like orange-breasted falcons and ocellated turkeys.

Orange-breasted falcons are extremely rare, and ocellated turkeys are found in a limited part of Central America. Over 400 species of birds live in this park, including several species of brightly-colored parrots. Your knowledgeable guide will provide detailed information about the local birds, and help you spot them in the thick foliage.


5:00 AM: Sunrise Tour, with breakfast and lunch at Tikal.

In the early morning, you’ll take a sunrise tour of an ancient city of the Maya. After a hike through the jungle, you will reach a clearing, scattered with the stony ruins of Mayan temples and palaces. You have arrived at Tikal, the location of a dynasty that rose to prominence during the Mayan classic period.

Eventually you will come to Temple IV, the largest and most-photographed building in Tikal. Europeans first discovered this site in the 17th century, long after it had lost its powerful reputation in the 4th century. Hike to the top to enjoy the sunrise, and watch the birds take flight from this monumental temple.

If you want, you can arrange for an optional extra day of birding in Tikal. Otherwise, your trip will continue to the Flores airport.

2:00 PM: Transfer from Tikal to the Flores Airport.

6:50 PM: Departure time for Flores-Guatemala City flight.

19:50 Arrival and private transfer to your hotel in Guatemala City.


At a convenient time, a shuttle can take you to the airport to continue your travels.

What to Bring

Money for personal expenses and tips, money for airport exit tax, hiking clothes and shoes, camera, hat, sunblock, binoculars, insect repellent, and anything else needed for an overnight stay.

What's included

Transportation as per itinerary, 1 night accommodation at Tikal National Park and 1 night at Guatemala City. Tours to Tikal with entrance fees and tour with professional guide, meals (one breakfast, two lunches, and one dinner), a domestic flight (GUA-FRS-GUA), and an optional bird guide.
Birding Tour at TikalBirding Tour at TikalBirding Tour at Tikal

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