Tikal Sunrise or Sunset Tour

Tikal Sunrise or Sunset Tour

Take this tour to see Tikal at one of the busiest times of day — early in the morning. You’ll leave for your tour before the sun comes up, and then watch the jungle wake up from the top of one of the site’s temples. Bring a flashlight so you can see the nocturnal animals when you first arrive in the jungle. This time of day comes with another advantage, as the site has fewer visitors at this time of day.

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3 hrs
Available Days:
Every day
4:00 AM, 4:00 PM
Hotel Transportation Offered
Mobile Ticket Included
Offered in English, Spanish

Early morning is one of the best times of day for observing wildlife. You’ll hear lots of bird singing during your hike, along with monkeys chattering. Keep an eye out for the colorful wings of toucans and parrots in the branches above the trail.

This tour takes you to three of Tikals’s important temples – Temples I, II, and III. Temple I served as a tomb for a Classic-era king, Jasaw Chan K'awiil. It faces the Great Plaza, directly across from Temple II, which was constructed to honor Jasaw’s queen. Temple III is still an active archeological site – it was probably also a funerary temple, and was one of the last temples built at Tikal before its fall.

Attraction Visited

Tikal National Park

Set within the northern reaches of Guatemala’s Petén department is the incredible Mayan site of Tikal. With its massive Mayan temples, steep limestone pyramids and thick green jungles, Tikal is undoubtedly one of the top attractions in Guatemala. The ruins and surrounding forest are located within the Tikal National Park.

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What to Bring

Bug spray, flashlight, camera, bottled water, and snacks if you want them.

What's included

Guide and entrance fee.


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