Is Peru safe for women traveling alone?

A machismo mindset exists in Peru, so it behooves solo female travelers to be prepared. Women traveling alone may recieve unwanted attention in the form of catcalls, horn honking, and aggressive come-ons. The best strategy is to simply ignore all of this.

While talking with Peruvian men, treat them neutrally and avoid any gestures that could be misinterpreted, such as friendly touches on the arm. It's also a good idea to dress conservatively and even wear a fake wedding ring. Some women will occasionally refer to a nonexistent boyfriend or husband.

Walk with purpose and don't travel alone at night. Take cabs and stay at hotels in reputable, well-lit parts of town. When you're in the countryside, be sure to go hiking with at least one other person.

Lots of travelers come to Peru, so it isn't necessary to travel alone if you don't want to — it's easy to make friends at hostels, hotels, bars, and restaurants.

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