What Are the Driving Times Between Destinations in Ecuador?

Travel times vary depending on where you are going and the roads you are traveling on. Major highways in Ecuador - including those that run along the coast and connect Quito to Guayaquil - are typically in good condition, which tends to shorten driving times. Rural roads are usually worse and require slower driving. The speed limit is often 30 mph (50 kph) in cities and 55 mph (90 kph) on highways.

The following are general travel times between Guayaquil and popular destinations: Salinas (2.25 hrs), Montañita (3 hrs), Manta (3 hrs), Alausí (3 hrs), Cuenca (3.5 hrs), Quito (7.5 hrs), the Peruvian border (4 hrs), and Punta Sal in Peru (5.5 hrs).

The following are general travel times between Quito and popular destinations: Mitad del Mundo (1.25 hrs), Mindo (2.25 hrs), Laguna Quilotoa (2.75 hrs), Tena (3 hrs), Baños (3 hrs), Alausí (4.5 hrs), Coca (4.5 hrs), and Guayaquil (7.5 hrs).

If you have questions about other routes or destinations, just ask us; we are here to help.

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