Guatemala Adventure

Aldous Huxley may have waxed poetic about the glory of Lake Atitlán, but adrenaline junkies will find Guatemala to be beautiful for a different reason. Guatemala's adventure tours are in ample supply all over the country, and they'll take you across a variety of rugged terrain. The best part? Even if you're more cautious with your excursions, you're sure to find something equal parts enjoyable and exciting.

Antigua Guatemala

Central Highlands

Tours to nearby volcanoes might take you on an overnight trip to Pacaya Volcano. For a high-speed tour of the mountains, hop on an ATV. You can take a tour that includes zip lines and rappelling down a tall tree. To see wildlife up-close, take a safari through a wide open property called Chapín. This enclosure provides a home for African animals as well as animals native to Guatemala.

Hikes lead you across high-up suspension bridges. Coffee thrives in the area thanks to the high humidity — an adventure to a coffee plantation will also give you the chance to see more of the cloud forest.