Plant & Animal Biodiversity Profiles

From Costa Rica to Peru and East Africa to SE Asia Earth species of all shapes and sizes have evolved to survive in a variety of terrains. Some are found in thick forests, vast wetlands, and misty mountains, arid deserts, expansive grasslands and even beneath the soil.

Although it would take a lifetime for any individual to witness the full range of any country let alone the all of earth's biodiversity, we hope this section of our website provides interesting insight into some of the many natural treasures featured in locations around the world. We have composed a series of species profiles that describe habitats and natural history. Obviously, there are too many species for us to cover them all, but we are continuing to expand our mammal, sea mammal, reptile, invertibrate, tree and amphibian profiles.

Much of what will keep threatened ecosystems intact is strong environmental education among local citizens and visitors alike, helping everyone to understand the significance of the natural world and the importance of sustained stewardship of sensitive ecosystems.