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Holis Wellness Center Private Yoga Classes, Costa Rica
Holis Wellness Center Private Yoga ClassesManuel Antonio

Costa Rica’s landscape is a tropical paradise, and will put you in the mood to invest in your well-being. But wellness is more than what you eat – it’s your whole frame of mind. Yoga helps participants tap into their happy places, all while getting a good, relaxing stretch. Check out Holis Wellness’s selection of private yoga classes, all of which can get your vacation wellness routine on the right track.

Private Yoga Session on Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica
Private Yoga Session on Tamarindo BeachTamarindo

The beaches of Tamarindo, Costa Rica become even more beautiful when you take a moment to quiet your mind, and center your body and spirit. This one-on-one yoga session helps you transform the way you see and connect with the natural world in the span of an hour.


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