Costa Rica Surf Lessons

Costa Rica is blessed with two coastlines that receive consistently good swells, waves and breaks – oceanic conditions that are ideal for surfing. Surf schools throughout the country aim to help beginning and intermediate surfers hone their skills through hands-on, interactive instruction. Days begin with stretching along the shore and a pre-surf warm up. Beginners will learn practical surfing skills before entering the water, including safety, etiquette, entering and exiting the surf zone, catching waves, standing up, and finally, surfing itself. Intermediate instruction is focused on rapid improvement via catching and surfing as many waves as possible. Instructors, all of whom are certified lifeguards, are in the water ensuring that students are both having fun and remaining safe.

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Agua Tibia Surf Lessons, Costa Rica
Agua Tibia Surf LessonsNosara

Learn from local Costa Ricans how to surf at Playa Guiones, one of the best beaches in Guanacaste for beginner surfers. Surfing is probably easier than you think, especially when you have a seasoned professional to help you get the timing just right.

Surf Lessons
Surfing Lessons, Costa Rica
Surfing LessonsTamarindo

Take surfing lessons in Tamarindo from the fun loving instructors of Arenas Adventures.

Surf Lessons
Santa Teresa Surf Lessons, Costa Rica
Santa Teresa Surf LessonsSanta Teresa

Santa Teresa and Mal Pais waves are consistent year round and has become a mecca for surfers of all experience levels. The surf school "Del Soul" has been operating since 2006 and was founded by two brothers and lifetime surfers that love to share their knowledge and skills with aspiring surfers from around the globe. Whether you are a first time surfer or an intermediate surfer looking to brush up on some skills a lesson at Del Soul will be fun and educational.

Surf Lessons
Dominical Surf Lessons, Costa Rica
Dominical Surf LessonsDominical

This half-day tour is ideal for intermediate surfers. Dominical beach is known for its long wave that you can surf all the way the beach, and if you time your visit correctly you’ll have extremely consistent waves.

Surf Lessons
Surf Lessons, Paddleboarding and Kayaking Tour, Costa Rica
Surf Lessons, Paddleboarding and Kayaking TourManuel Antonio

Guanacaste has a stunning coastline, and this tour takes you to some of the most scenic spots. You’ll get to try out a number of activities – surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding make for an adventurous, active day. Best of all, this part of the coast is covered in jungle and pristine landscape. This is an all-inclusive, full-day tour that includes a picnic lunch, refreshments, and the option to customize your tour to focus on the activities you prefer.

Surf Lessons
Damas Island Surf Lessons, Costa Rica
Damas Island Surf LessonsManuel Antonio

Surfing is one of Costa Rica’s most popular activities, no matter what time of year. On a half-day surfing tour of Damas Island you’ll get a small piece of the action all to yourself.

Surf Lessons
Witch's Rock Surf Trip, Costa Rica
Witch's Rock Surf TripPapagayo Gulf

Surfing at Witch’s Rock is for fairly advanced surfers who are ready to experience some of the best waves in Costa Rica. The hollow waves crashing on either side of this rocky formation have a reputation for being consistent and powerful. They break over a sandy bottom.

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Surf Lessons
Manuel Antonio Surf Lessons, Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio Surf LessonsManuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio Beach offers ideal conditions for surf lessons. White sand and shimmering water make will make for a memorable afternoon with experienced surf instructors.

Surf Lessons
Beginners Surf Lessons at Playa Iguanitas, Costa Rica
Beginners Surf Lessons at Playa IguanitasPapagayo Gulf

Learn how to surf with an experienced surfer on the Papagayo Gulf. This is for beginner surfers who want to quickly grasp the basics of catching a wave.

Surf Lessons
Puerto Viejo Surfing Lessons, Costa Rica
Puerto Viejo Surfing LessonsPuerto Viejo

Take a 2-hour surfing lesson on the white sand beach of Puerto Viejo. With an experienced instructor you’ll have an excellent shot of standing up on a wave by the end of the lesson.

Surf Lessons
Nauyaca Waterfall & Surf Lesson, Costa Rica
Nauyaca Waterfall & Surf LessonDominical

This is full-day trip into the jungle outside of Dominical to see the tumbling cascade of Nauyaca Waterfall, combined with a surf lesson at Dominical Beach.

Surf Lessons

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