Costa Rica Surfing

With hundreds of beaches along the coast, surfers have long flocked to Costa Rica’s waves, staking out breaks before the destinations had paved roads or supermarkets. In fact, many of Costa Rica’s more popular beaches have been surfing destinations for decades. Some of Costa Rica's surfing beaches are great for learning to surf while others are primarily for experts.

When you're not riding the waves, you'll enjoy the friendly and laid-back vibe of Costa Rica's surfing towns, such as Playa Viejo, offer. Costa Rica surfing vacations are the best of both worlds, because they allow you to enjoy a high-energy activity and rest and relax from the same location — the beach! When you need to take a break from the waves, go fishing in Tamarindo or snorkeling in Dominical.

With so much good surf, it’s hard to mention every worthy break, but the destinations listed below are some of the most accessible and popular surfing spots in Costa Rica. For even more info, you can get a personal perspective on surfing in Costa Rica with Anywhere's Costa Rica Surf Guide.