Private Yoga Session on Tamarindo Beach

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Private Yoga Session on Tamarindo Beach PhotoPrivate Yoga Session on Tamarindo Beach Photo

The beaches of Tamarindo, Costa Rica become even more beautiful when you take a moment to quiet your mind, and center your body and spirit. This one-on-one yoga session helps you transform the way you see and connect with the natural world in the span of an hour.

The sunny beaches of Tamarindo, Costa Rica make it one of the nation’s many outdoor playgrounds. Here, you can surf, enjoy an ice cold beer and fresh fish taco, and explore amazing biodiversity without ever leaving the region. Unspoilt beaches pair with friendly laid-back locals, creating a pleasant unhurried vibe.

One Hour You’ll Remember Forever

You can experience a lot in an hour, especially when you book this private yoga session that takes place in a somewhat secluded section of Tamarindo’s beaches. Yoga practitioners feel that the region allows one to more easily “reconnect with the vibration of the planet — where the Earth meets the sea.” This special one-on-one session combines organic essential oil aromatherapy with the beauty of nature. For the most awe-inspiring results, try to hold your session as the day nears sunset.

Serenity Now and Always

Though your private yoga session will eventually come to a close, you can conjure up the memory of this golden hour anytime. Just bring out your essential oil, move through your poses, envision the beach, and hear the sound of the ocean…this experience is sure to stay with you for quite a while. Add Anywhere’s transportation services to this experience, and let the moment linger when you bid a slow farewell to the beach and leave the driving to us.

What to Bring

An open mind. Your troubles, so you can leave them at the beach.

What's included

Private yoga session, organic essential oil aromatherapy.
Private Yoga Session on Tamarindo BeachPrivate Yoga Session on Tamarindo Beach