Rio Frio

Northern Lowlands

Stretching across northwestern Costa Rica and into Nicaragua is the calm Río Frío. The most visited portion of the river is certainly the section that goes through the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge, a great destination for river safaris and wildlife viewing.

The mellow river is surrounded by wetlands that get flooded in the rainy season, forming a vast lake. The most scenic stretch of the river is the Cano Negro portion, a scene reminiscent of the Florida everglades. This area is also home to an abundance of underwater wildlife including fresh water sharks, caimans and hundreds of amphibians and reptiles.

Safari floats, which provide fantastic wildlife and scenic views, are the most popular activity on Río Frío. But the river is also great for fishing. Snook, guapote, alligator gar, drum and tarpons that have been known to weigh as much as 220 lbs (100 kg) all populate this river's waters.

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Cano Negro Wildlife Reserve

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Cano Negro Wildlife Reserve

On this tour you’ll take a boat down the Frío River and explore the wetlands of the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, located just a few miles south of the Nicaraguan...

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Natural Lodge Cano Negro

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Natural Lodge Cano Negro

The Natural Lodge Caño Negro is set in the lush wetlands of the northern zone of Costa Rica, close to the small village of Los Chiles and three miles from the Nicaraguan...

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