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Days available
Every day
8AM, 11AM, 2AM
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English & Spanish
3 hrs
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Canyoning Monteverde PhotoCanyoning Monteverde Photo

On this tour you will rappel down six waterfalls in the Monteverde forest. This is an incredibly dense forest, and everywhere you look you’ll have the chance to see rare plants and birds.

This tour starts with a short walk through the rainforest. Birdcalls will surround you, and your guide can point out hard-to-spot birds in the branches. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see a monkey. Monteverde is especially well known for its incredible plant diversity – on your walk to the waterfall you can see delicate orchids and gigantic ferns growing in the tangled foliage.

Once you reach the waterfall your guide will help you into your harness for your first rappel down the watery face of the canyon. The tallest of the six waterfalls is 131 feet (40 m).

Guides have safety training and can help you confidently use the provided equipment. The guides also perform regular safety checks. In order to enjoy this tour you should be in good physical condition.

What to Bring

Easy drying clothes, hiking sandals or shoes (Preferably water shoes), a camera (waterproof). We recommend bringing a change of cloths because you will get wet on this tour. Changing rooms are available after the tour.

What's included

Transportation from hotels in Monteverde, drinks (water, beer, or soda), bilingual guides.
Canyoning MonteverdeCanyoning Monteverde

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