Monteverde Costa Rica Vacations Tours and Activities

Selvatura is a outstanding canopy tour, has one of the longest cables in Costa Rica and is the only one truly immersed in virgin forest. The tour is made up of 15 cables and 18 viewing platforms, traversing over two miles of forest and combining the thrill of the zip line with a unique perspective of the tree top canopy.
This is the ultimate combo tour for experiencing the cloud forest. Walk along suspension bridges with an expert guide, ride a silent tram up through the canopy, and finally fly across the canopy on zip lines.
It’s no secret that Costa Rica is famous for coffee. On this tour, you’ll be exposed to the wonderful world of coffee, including its history, tradition and present-day production. You'll also learn about the growing, harvesting, and production of chocolate and sugar cane.
Spend some time to enjoy a world class exhibit that will provoke a new appreciation for the often misunderstood creatures of the night. The Bat Jungle exhibit is the culmination of 40 years of research conducted throughout the world by Dr. Richard LaVal a long time member of the Monteverde community.
The Canopy Tour, Tree-Top Suspension Bridges walking tour, Butterfly garden and the Hummingbird Gallery are a great combination of adventure, tranquility and beauty in the tropical cloud forest of Monteverde.
Café de Monteverde was born in 1989 as an association of 12 families with deep roots in coffee, agriculture, conservation, and education. For over four generations, our families have grown, processed and roasted the best quality coffee in the Monteverde region, striving for harmony with the surrounding cloud forest.
A horseback riding tour is a wonderful way to experience Monteverde's green, mountainous countryside. Until recently, horseback riding was the most common form of transport in the region, and considering the state of the roads, some would argue that it is still the easiest way to get around.
The Selvatura Experience is a full day tour that will allow you to enjoy all of the attractions and exhibits that the Selvatura Adventure Park offers. The all day Selvatura experience includes a Canopy Tour, access to the network of suspension bridges, Butterfly Garden, Insect Museum, Hummingbird Garden, Reptile and Amphibian Center as well as a lunch in the Dining area overlooking the beautiful gardens.
The Sky Trek Canopy Tour in Monteverde is located 3.7 miles (6 km) from the town of Santa Elena and about 1.8 miles (3 km) from the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. Flying across the misty cloud forest of Monteverde is one of Costa Rica's signature experiences.
This zip line, suspension bridge and butterfly garden combination tour perfectly mixes peaceful tranquility and thrilling adventure, all while being surrounded by the lush cloud forest.
Get above Monteverde’s cloud forest to see the busiest part of this environment – the canopy. 90 percent of the plants and animals in the Monteverde cloud forest live in the canopy. When you’re at this elevation, you can come face-to-face with the monkeys and birds. This tour has two distinct sections – your tour will include a walk over trails and suspension bridges, as well as a ride in a cable car.
For visitors interesting in having a day of relaxation surrounded by the tropical cloud forest of Monteverde and all of the vibrant species within it then this is a great tour option. If you are interested in adding an adrenaline element to this tour we suggest the adding the Selvatura Canopy Tour.
From start to finish, the goal of this tour is to identify as many birds as possible. Monteverde is home to some 400 species of birds, which are scattered among the forests and mountains of the region.
Take a guided tour of the misty Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, a lesser known cloud forest in the Monteverde area. You will walk along different trails in search of birds and mammals, discussing the amazing diversity of plants and learning all about this bio-diverse paradise.
The Sky Tram smoothly ascends along a cloud forest ridge through the canopy. This is a relaxing tour – all you have to do is sit back and admire the view. You have the option to pause over areas of the rainforest that you'd like to observe for a little longer.
On this tour you will rappel down six waterfalls in the Monteverde forest. This is an incredibly dense forest, and everywhere you look you’ll have the chance to see rare plants and birds.
Enjoy a guided tour of the beautiful Curi-Cancha Reserve. Led by a naturalist guide, you’ll explore the reserve’s trails and search for birds, mammals, insects and more.
Finally, a visit to the Selvatura Hummingbird Garden is not to be missed. Here visitors can observe up to 14 species of the tiny, lively colored birds as they amaze you with their spectacularly acrobatic aerial maneuvers.
The Tree Top walkway is the ideal cloud forest experience for those who wish to explore the beauty of the canopy at their own pace. The Butterfly garden of Selvatura is one of the largest in the Americas, a real treat for nature lovers. The hummingbird garden is a serene place to sit down and take a break and observe colorful and very active hummingbirds.
The Sky Walk tour is a 3-hour hike along a network of trails and suspension bridges in the cloud forest of Monteverde. Many visitors don't realize it, but the rainforest canopy is actually one of the most diverse spots in the rainforest. This guided tour is an opportunity to learn about the wildlife of the canopy from a knowledgable guide.
Enjoy a day in the sun on board Calypso's 71 food state of the Catamaran Mantaraya. Sit in one of the fresh water deck pools or lie on one of the giant nets overlooking the ocean while cruising the calm waters of the Gulf of Nicoya on your way to the beautiful white sand palm studded beach of Tortuga Island.
The suspension bridges is the ideal cloud forest experience for those who wish to explore the beauty of the canopy at their own pace and appreciate the incredible array of vegetation and exotic bird life that the region has to offer.
The Monteverde to Arenal taxi-boat-taxi service operates year round, making connections between Monteverde and Arenal twice per day, with great views of the Costa Rica highlands and the Arenal Volcano along the way.
On tours of the Monteverde Orchid Garden, you can see around 120 species of orchid in bloom, out of a total of 460 species. Experts can point out what makes each of these species unique.
The taxi-boat-taxi service operates year round, making connections between Arenal and Monteverde and vice-versa twice per day, with great views of the Costa Rica highlands and the Arenal Volcano along the way.
Hidden Valley is a small nature reserve in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Touring the reserve at night gives travelers the opportunity to spot an array of impressive nocturnal creatures.
Selvatura's stunning butterfly garden is one of the largest on the continent. At 300ft long and 90ft wide, with a huge 50ft dome ceiling, the giant garden is host to 50 species of butterflies.
Ascend to the top of the Monteverde Cloud Forest on this tree climbing adventure. Ficus trees (or fig trees) have a hollow trunk, forming a tube with natural footholds for you to climb. Once you reach the top, you can step out onto a viewing platform for an unforgettable view of the surrounding forest.
On this all-day tour, you'll be up in the clouds in one of the rarest environments in the world. This tour spans two interesting reserves, Monterverde and Curichancha. These are high-altitude forests that have an intense variety of rare plants and animals.
Study Spanish in Monteverde and delve deeper into this mountain town's culture. Your Spanish class immerses you in the language and still allows time for exploring local art galleries and attending musical performances. The true show-stopper is the cloud forest, one of the rarest environments in the world.
Take a 2 to 2.5-hour hike to experience the true biodiversity of Monteverde. This is an easy stroll through the treetops that’s perfect for families and nature lovers who want an easy way to explore Monteverde’s Cloud Forest Reserve and hanging bridges.
The Education Center is Selvatura's newest addition and is a must see for anyone interested in the natural history of the region. Costa Rica, despite its tiny size, is home to almost 5 percent of the world's diversity; the exhibits within this excellent educational center aim to illuminate and explain the incredibly diverse microcosms and rare tropical forest ecosystems that give the country its huge range of flora and fauna.You will see the biggest, rarest, strongest, the most beautiful.
On this all-day tour, you be up in the clouds in one of the most rare environments in the world—a cloud forest—in two interesting reserves. These are high-altitude forests that experience high humidity and have an intense variety of rare plants and animals.
Do you know where your food comes from? You do when you stay at Hotel Belmar. The hotel sources their eggs, cheese, coffee, and sugar can from their farm. Learn what goes into sustainable farming on this exciting tour of Costa Rica's first carbon-neutral farm — Finca Madre Tierra. This tour will give you the opportunity to explore the farm up-close, and learn what it really means to operate a sustainable business.
Even the transportation is sustainable on this tour! Enjoy horseback riding across beautiful Monteverde, Costa Rica on a fun and educational sustainability tour. Discover up-close how the Hotel Belmar sources some of its most delicious offerings, and try your hand at farming. Let nature and your trusty steed show you a great time on this unique getaway.