Where Can I Rent a Cell Phone in Costa Rica?

There is a variety of cell phone rental companies in Costa Rica, although we don't have one to recommend. Some auto rental companies include the cell phone in their package. If you have a cell phone with SIM/GSM technology that has been "unlocked," we suggest you buy a prepaid cell phone card and insert it in your phone.

If you use a smart phone, keep in mind that the major carriers offer international plans. T-Mobile, AT&T, and other major carriers offer full-time or temporary international plans. All of Costa Rica has 3G or better data and cell coverage, except for in a few remote areas.

Of course, you can still rent a cell phone if that's more convenient. None of the cell phone rental companies have an office at the airport. In order to rent a cell phone, you have to contact them and ask for the phone to be delivered to your hotel. Rental agencies include Cell Service and Costa Rica Cellular Connection.

Furthermore, some rental car companies will package cell phones with rental vehicles. However, if you have an unlocked SIM/GSM phone, we suggest purchasing a pre-paid SIM card and inserting it into your phone. This is easier and less expensive than most other options.