Travel Questions? Anywhere Costa Rica Answers

If you are getting ready for a vacation to Costa Rica, or simply looking to learn about Costa Rica in general, our frequently asked question guide is a helpful resource to find topics and answers to specific questions that you may have in mind. We have outlined a number of topics that come up frequently during our travel consulting process as well as general questions that we get via email. Within each topic you will find many of the commonly asked questions along with a descriptive answer. If you do not find a question/answer within the topics, please feel free to send us an email so we can answer your question.

    Adventure Activities
    Arrival and Departure
    Food and Service Etiquette
    Geograpy and Weather
    Getting Around
    Health and Safety
    Money and Budgeting
    Nature and National Parks
    Our Travel Services
    Packing for Your Trip
    People, Economy and Government
    Phones and Internet
    Special Accommodations
    Sustainable Travel Concerns

Health and Safety