Playas para mochileros en Costa Rica

El fácil curso de la naturaleza tranquila de los viajeros jóvenes errantes parece persistir en algunos destinos más que en otros. El encanto natural de estas playas para mochileros frecuentemente es complementado por artesanos vendiendo ropa hecha a mano en las aceras, deliciosos y saludables restaurantes a la vuelta de la esquina o una charla en media docena de idiomas con una taza de café. Cualquiera que sea el espíritu que el viajero represente, estas comunidades son atractivas para muchos visitantes que desean disfrutar de los escenarios naturales y el ambiente bohemio.

Live Your Best Boho-Chic Life on the Beaches of Puerto Viejo de Limon Costa Rica
Live Your Best Boho-Chic Life on the Beaches of Puerto Viejo de Limon


Speaking of culture, Puerto Viejo de Limon is known as 'Talamanca' to the indigenous population. You can learn about their history and modern life on exciting tours. Of course, one of the best ways to get to know Costa Ricans is simply to talk to them and listen to their stories. This colorful region is full of Afro-Caribbean and Briri Indian descendents — not to mention friendly Ticos and's amazing what you can learn over a cold beer and fish taco.

During your time in Puerto Viejo, you can go on classic tours like zip lining through forest canopies, but you can also snorkel, ride a bike to explore this chill town, and practice your photography skills. If you're a digital nomad taking a working vacation, then another reason you'll love Puerto Viejo is the economical accommodations with Wi-Fi! What are you waiting for? Grab your bag and your passport! Join veteran backpackers and leave your footprints in the sands of Puerto Viejo de Limon, Costa Rica.

You Might Never Leave Montezuma's Quiet Bohemian Paradise  Costa Rica
You Might Never Leave Montezuma's Quiet Bohemian Paradise

Nicoya Peninsula

Love the beach but ambivalent about the water? You'll change your mind when you spot marine wildlife in their native habitat on a snorkeling excursion nearby Tortuga Island. Emerge from the briny ocean to dry off the old-fashioned way — bathed in golden sunlight. Grab your camera or favorite leatherbound journal to take pictures and notes of what you spot in tide pools.

Don't let Montezuma's laid-back reputation fool you. Although you can stay in cute accommodations where you'll hear monkeys chattering in the nearby forest, this town knows how to throw a party after the sun goes down. This may be one leg of a longer journey, but when you reach Montezuma, Costa Rica, be sure to set down your bag and stay a while.