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Diamante Eco Adventure Park is in Costa Rica’s rural Guanacaste region. Guanacaste is known for its rainforests and beaches, and colorful wildlife. This park is committed to eco-tourism and works hard to make sure the local plants and animals stay healthy.

All of the animals you'll see on the Discovery Pass Tour have been rescued and donated to Diamante Eco Adventure Park by the Costa Rica Ministry of Wildlife. The animal rescue team here rehabilitates animals and releases them into the wild when possible. This tour lets you get close to the animals and attend an animal feeding.

This park serves as a habitat for every species of monkey that lives in Costa Rica – capuchins, white-faced monkeys, spider monkeys, and howler monkeys. You’ll see them everywhere in the park, but the train through "Monkey Pass" offers an especially good look.

There is a butterfly garden that covers 6,000 square feet (557 sq m). Over 8,000 species of butterflies are native to Costa Rica. Guides will show you butterflies in different stages of growth – eggs, caterpillars, chrysalises, and full-grown butterflies.

Costa Rica has around 50 species of native hummingbird, and you can see many of them in this park. Look out for the purple-crowned fairy, the cinnamon hummingbird, and the magenta-throated woodstar. At the park’s aviary, you can visit birds that cannot live in the wild on their own. All over the park, you’ll see toucans, scarlet macaws, tanagers, and grosbeaks flying freely.

When you visit the lagoon you’ll see crocodiles hanging out in the shallows. These animals can reach 16 feet (5 m) and are known for taking down prey with a powerful bite.

Special Cultural Add-On Available

Treat yourself to a different kind of adventure when you gain both natural and historical knowledge on this fun and informative add-on! Discover what agricultural life was like in Costa Rica 100 years ago when you visit a replica 'Casita' or traditional farm house.

The botanical garden's friendly staff will teach you about Costa Rica's most famous crops, and the political, economic, and social impact they have had. You'll never look at coffee, chocolate, and sugar the same way again:

  • Coffee Experience - Learn how a humble berry became a worldwide beverage phenomenon.

  • Cacao Experience - The chocolate you know and love starts out as the cacao fruit. Learn how this plant became the decadent treat you now know and love.

  • Sugar Cane Experience - The botanical garden grows actual sugar cane — another of the nation's most important crops.

In addition to these agricultural staples, your friendly tour guides will show you a varety of exquisite (and important) flora and fauna within the botanical garden.

What to Bring

Sunscreen, comfortable clothing, comfortable closed-toed shoes, flip flops or water shoes, passport copy, waterproof camera, swimsuit, towel, bugspray, sunscreen, and a hat or cap.

What's included

Equipment, tour guides, and all of the activities included with a Discovery Pass.
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