Rainforest Tram Alantic, Costa Rica

The Caribbean Rainforest Aerial Tram is located at the eastern edge of Braulio Carillo National Park just 50 minutes from San Jose. The forest shares a 10-kilometer border with the park. Visitors can experience a 2 level, 1 hour and 10minute open-air gondola ride in the forest canopy with a naturalist guide.

Rainforest Tram Alantic, Costa Rica Best Things to Do

Rain Forest Aerial Tram, Costa Rica
Rain Forest Aerial TramRainforest Tram Alantic

A visit to the Rain Forest Aerial Tram along Costa Rica's Caribbean coast ensures an experience filled with natural beauty, animal spotting, and educational opportunities. Located 50 minutes from San Jose, this 475-hectare private reserve shares a border with the Baulio Carrillo National Park and protects huge numbers of plant and animal species.

Aerial Tram
Rain Forest Birding Tour, Costa Rica
Rain Forest Birding TourRainforest Tram Alantic

This tour - situated upon a 475-hectare private reserve - provides a wonderful opportunity to spot some of Costa Rica's most fabulous avian species.

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Naturalist Guide
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1 - Rainforest Tram Alantic, Costa Rica, Costa Rica
2 - Rainforest Tram Alantic, Costa Rica, Costa Rica
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4 - Rainforest Tram Alantic, Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Area Guide

The guide will point out the unique ecological and biological diversity on display in the forest and offer insight into the natural history of the jungle surroundings. Visitors have the opportunity to see white face Capuchin monkeys, bears, anteaters, vipers, and a wide variety of tropical birds flying around the treetops. There are hiking trails and guides who can share the natural beauty from a ground level.

Braulio National Park is a protected virgin rain forest and cloud forest conservation. The park offers an extensive series of hiking trails. Short trails lead to waterfalls and there is a 32-mile trail that drops 10,000 feet in elevation. Because the large forest covers different elevations, a wide variety of flora and fauna exists across the park. The park is easily accessible, as it is bisected by one of the busiest highways in Costa

Feedback From Travelers

There were some tourists, but mainly a lot of kids from schools were here. They were friendly to us.

- NESTOR G, APR 2015

Very worthwhile! Take advantage of this adventurous tour!

- TYLER S, APR 2013

The trip to the tram was at a distance as our hotel was Chalet Tirol in Heredia. The driver was on time and the trip was great.

- EDWARD C, NOV 2011