Rio Celeste & Tenorio Volcano Rainforest Photo
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Rio Celeste & Tenorio Volcano Rainforest PhotoRio Celeste & Tenorio Volcano Rainforest Photo

As local legend has it, God washed his paintbrush in the Río Celeste after he painted the sky. Upon seeing the blue-tinted waters of this river, this legend will make a great deal of sense.

This full day tour begins with a hike through a primary forest in the Tenorio Volcano National Park. Alongside the forested trails, you’ll be able to spot a variety of plant and animal species. You’ll continue walking until you reach an impressive waterfall, which is near the place where the river’s light blue color intensifies and gels. This color, as it turns out, is the result of a chemical mixture of sulfur and carbonate, which originate in the Tenorio Volcano. The hike continues along the banks of the river and eventually passes hot springs.

Due to recent regulations from MINAET (Ministry of the Environment) it is not possible to swim at Tenorio Volcano National Park.

This tour is recommended for hikers or outdoor enthusiasts. It isn’t physically challenging, but you should be in decent shape, as it requires some stamina.
Average travel time from La Fortuna to Tenorio Volcano National Park is 2 hours approximately.

What to Bring

Hiking shoes, sandals, binoculars, camera, sunscreen, money, and hat.

What's included

Lunch, water bottle, juice, guide, transportation, and entrance fee to the park.
Rio Celeste & Tenorio Volcano RainforestRio Celeste & Tenorio Volcano RainforestRio Celeste & Tenorio Volcano RainforestRio Celeste & Tenorio Volcano RainforestRio Celeste & Tenorio Volcano Rainforest

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