What Is The Difference Between Costa Rica's Sky Trek And Selvatura?

Both Sky Trek and Selvatura are highly regarded tour companies. These tour companies offer professional guides and excellent equipment. Which tours you choose largely depend on which parts of the jungle you want to see.

Sky Trek and Selvatura suspension bridge tours are comparable, and offer similar sights and sounds.

For zip-lining tours in Monteverde, there are some significant distinctions between Selvatura and Sky Trek.

Sky Trek

Sky Trek’s platforms are freestanding, and the zip-lines are above the trees. Landing platforms are very long, so you don’t have to break (you’ll gradually slow down on your own).


Selvatura zip-lines take you through the thick of the canopy. Platforms here are attached to the trees. These harnesses come with easy-to-use breaks. There are 15 cables and 18 viewing platforms that cover 2 miles (3.2 km). On a zip-lining tour with Selvatura you can also try the Tarzan Swing, where you’ll get to swing out over the canyon on a cable.

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