Are Costa Rica Adventure Tours For Me?

People of all ages have safely glided through the rainforest, rafted over roaring rivers, rode horses along rainforest trails, ripped through muddy backroads on an ATV, and kayaked through mangrove estuaries. However, it's important to recognize what each activity demands of its participants, so please have a look at the following list.

Canopy Tour/Zip Lines

If you are afraid of heights, don't like having your feet off the ground, and don't want to zoom through the canopy at speeds that can exceed 25 miles per hour, then do not sign up for this tour.


There are many different classes of rivers; if you don't want to get wet, paddle when your guide tells you to, or work as a team with other participants, then you should not raft a class III river or above. You should instead stick to nature floats which are class I-II.

Horseback Riding

Horses in Costa Rica are generally very calm, so riding is suitable for first time riders. However, you must be able to sit on a saddle for several hours, be patient with your horse, and follow the instructions of your guide. If you don't like the idea of riding through the forest or taking in scenery on a horse, then you should not go horseback riding.

ATV Tour

There is amazing terrain to ride on an ATV in Costa Rica. They are, however, powerful machines and participants must be ready to drive through mud, streams and in some cases, along roads for a brief period. It is imperative that you follow the lead of your guide and maintain the same pace as your group.


Whether you are kayaking in the ocean or a mangrove estuary, you will be paddling a lot and navigating currents. Guides will lead you to different locations, but participants are ultimately responsible for paddling themselves from one place to another.

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