Is There a Weight Limit Or Age Limit For Costa Rica Adventure Tours?

Wondering if there are weight limits or age limits for Costa Rica Adventure Tours? There are. Here are restrictions related to popular adventure tours.


In general, there is not a maximum weight limit since the cables can support up to 5,000 lbs of weight. However, there is a waist and thigh size limit, as the harness must be able to fit around your body and be safely secured. To be able to safely zip line, your waist cannot exceed more than 45 inches and your thighs cannot be more than 31 inches in circumference. Most canopy tours advertise that anyone weighing above 275 lbs is not allowed. That said, even if you are 6 ft. 10 in. tall and weigh 300 lbs it shouldn't be a problem. If you approach these limits and the tour leader does not think that you can safely complete the tour, then your money will be refunded. People of all ages can do canopy tours.

Horseback riding

When you make a horseback riding reservation, it is important that you enter both your weight and experience level so that we can arrange an appropriate horse for you. Due to a combination of rugged terrain and smaller horses, horseback riding is unsafe for participants that weigh over 300 pounds. On the day of the tour, if the guide does not feel comfortable matching a horse to a rider then the rider is entitled to a full refund.

White Water River Rafting

The maximum weight for river rafting is 250 lbs. All rafting participants should be in good physical condition. There are different classes of river rapids, and each present a different level of difficulty that require a minimum age and in some cases a minimum skill level. Rafting trips with class I-II rapids are open to ages 7-60 years old. For class III rapids, the minimum age is 12. For class III-IV rapids, the minimum age is 14 and prior experience is recommended. For class IV rapids, the minimum age is 16 and prior experience is required.

Waterfall Rapellling

People betweeen the ages of 8 and 70 have had the time of their life on these tours. It is important that participants are in good physical condition and capable of walking along trails and riverbeds. The weight limit is 250lbs and for participants under 100 lbs a guide will determine whether or not it is possible to rappel alone or be harnessed to a guide during the rappels.

ATV Tours

The minimum age for an ATV tour is 16 and all participants must have a drivers license.

Kayaking Tours

For the mangrove or sea kayaking tours participants must be in good physical condition, be capable of swimming and at least 8 years of age.

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