What Are The Baggage Restrictions on Domestic Flights in Costa Rica?

There are two airlines in Costa Rica that offer daily domestic flight service, Sansa and Nature Air, and both have different luggage restrictions.

Sansa's policy allows for 1 piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 25 lbs/12 kgs and a maximum size of 45 linear inches/114 centimeters (length + height + width) and 1 carry on with a maximum weight of 10 lbs, each additional pound is charged at a rate of $1 per pound.

Nature Air's policy allows 40 lbs per person for checked-in baggage free of charge.

In addition a small handbag up to 10 lbs can be carried on (please note that these aircraft's don't have overhead baggage compartments).

Total baggage weighing over 50 lbs will be charged an additional fee at a rate of 1-5 pounds $7, 6-15 pounds $20, 16-30 pounds $40, 31-60 pounds $60.

For more information about luggage restrictions for both Sansa & Nature Air follow the links below: