What Is the Difference Between Private and Shuttle Transports in Costa Rica?

Private transportation is a door-to-door service that exclusively transports your party only. Departure times are scheduled based upon the time of your choosing and each route allows for one hour of free stoppage time - for meals or breaks - along the way.

You can take side trips to national parks and souvenir shops, or even enjoy a tour that is located between your travel destinations (although it needs to be prearranged and may require paying additional fees).

In contrast, shuttles are a shared and scheduled ride that is not always door-to-door. Shuttles will not pick you up at airports, they will not pick you up or drop you off at all a hotel, they can take longer to get travel between destinations, and they do not always arrive exactly at the scheduled time (usually, it's +/- 10-15 minutes of the scheduled time). When using both private transportation and shuttle services, please remember to have both your voucher on hand and your luggage ready.