What Is a Costa Rica Taxi-Boat-Taxi Service?

A taxi-boat-taxi is a transfer service between destinations where travel along both land and water is necessary. Minibuses pick up customers at hotels in the starting destination (i.e. Arenal) and then bring them to a place where they board a boat for the next segment of the transfer (i.e. Lake Arenal). Finally, on the other side of the water, they are met by another minibus that will drop them off at their destination hotel (i.e. in Monteverde). The Monteverde and Arenal taxi-boat-taxi service runs between the destinations two times a day. A taxi-boat-taxi shuttle also operates between Montezuma and Jacó, which is a significant time saver for visiters wishing to avoid the long transit by ground and car ferry which is the traditional way to navigate between those two places.