When Is the Best Time to Go to Costa Rica?

Any time is a good time to visit Costa Rica, so come when your schedule permits.

The Dry Season

The majority of visitors come during the dry season, which takes place from mid-November to March. That works out well for travelers who want a break from cold weather.

  • The Pacific coast has generally sunny weather during the dry season, although there are occasionally small amounts of rain.

  • The Caribbean coast has a varied climate, and generally has a mixture of sun and rain year-round.

The Rainy Season

The rainy season takes place from May till Mid-November.

The rainy season throughout Costa Rica is often characterized by morning sun and afternoon rain. But you should keep in mind that Costa Rica's tropical climate and varied terrain creates unpredictable weather patterns throughout the year.

Best Time to Visit

The high tourism season corresponds to the dry season. During this time hotels are moderately more expensive.

For the Christmas season and Semana Santa (Easter week), prices go up even further. Holiday weeks attract many international visitors as well as Costa Rican travelers. Locals typically travel to the beaches and mountains, so roads, restaurants and hotels near these destinations become crowded quickly.

Although there is more rain in the afternoon during the rainy or "green" season, there are some areas that flourish under these conditions. Areas that are often very dry - such as Guanacaste - become beautiful and green, with lush forests that contrast with the blue Pacific waters.

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