Is Costa Rica Family Friendly?

Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the most exciting, family-friendly vacation destinations in the world.

On guided hikes through the rainforest, your kids will get a chance to see a rare ecosystem in action. Get your kids involved with wildlife conservation on a visit to see a rare sea turtle nesting site. Families can arrange to have a naturalist guide present during their trip – either for the entirety of the trip or just a few tours.

Learn about Costa Rican culture on a tour of a chocolate plantation. Make sure you and your kids don’t feel shy about practicing your Spanish – you can take lessons while you’re there, and Costa Ricans are happy to help you through a conversation.

Besides the educational opportunities, Costa Rica is also a place for kids to let loose and have crazy amounts of fun. You’ll cherish the looks on their faces after they go zip-lining ride through the jungle canopy, or rappel down a waterfall. To see Costa Rica at a slower pace, kayak along the coast, or go horseback riding along a river. While you stay at the beach, sign the whole family up for some surfing lessons. All of our adventure tours are safe, and our guides will help make your kids feel confident.

But what do families want the most from their vacation? Good quality time at an awesome getaway. Choose the right setting at a beach hotel or a villa where you can rest, relax, and cook meals together.

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