Costa Rica All-Inclusive Vacations

Looking for a hands-off vacation? We can think of a couple of options. You could stay in one resort, shuffle through the same buffet every day, and return with a 7-day hangover and some last-minute trinkets. Or you could go from colorful beaches to wild rainforests, try adventurous tours, and meet friendly Costa Ricans. Our all inclusive vacations take you seamlessly from one experience to the next. Anywhere’s free trip planning makes it easy to take the vacation you want.

All-Inclusive Trip, Costa Rica Style

You can make time for a vacation, but who has time to plan? Lucky for you, Anywhere travel experts can book your transportation, hotels, and tours, all at no extra cost. Give us as much feedback as you like, we're happy to adjust the plan until it perfectly matches your vision. Our travel experts are ready to assist you before, during, and after your trip as needed.

Less Vacation Planning = More Pura Vida

An all-inclusive vacation manages every aspect of a trip to Costa Rica — the hotels, transportation, tours, and sometimes even meals. Instead of thinking about logistics, you’ll have your time free to experience Costa Rica’s mellow, pura vida vibes.

All-Inclusive Beach Vacations

All-inclusive vacations come in many sizes and shapes. Book a room at a coastal resort and enjoy the convenience of having meals and drinks on the grounds of your beach getaway. You can also take short walks to explore the nearby town — look for bars and cafes with ocean views. While you’re here, choose from activities like snorkeling, fishing, surfing, and exploring coastal wildlife at national parks.

All-Inclusive Nature Vacations

Eco-lodges and eco-resorts let you immerse yourself in Costa Rica’s incredible outdoors. These accommodations are often set in remote, beautiful areas that require an all- inclusive experience. They have their own restaurants, many of which serve locally grown food.

Tell Us About Your Perfect Trip to Costa Rica

And we’ll make it happen! Our travel specialists can help you put together an all- inclusive vacation today. Once we know your preferences we can book your tours, hotels, and transportation — the sooner the better, so we can make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

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Frequently asked Questions

Is Your Planning Service Free?

Yes! The rates are the same if you book directly with the hotels and tours. We offer the additional value of an expert planner to ensure your trip is perfect.

How Does Your Service Work?

We listen to your vision for your trip and ensure that your experience exceeds all of your expectations. Think of us as the “Zappos of Travel.” We do more than book your reservations — we take a holistic approach and create seamless plans.

Can I Trust You?

We have planned thousands of vacations for people just like you. Our mission to redefine and simplify travel planning began in 2006 in Costa Rica, and it continues to this very moment. With over a decade of travel planning experience, we are confident that we can craft your perfect vacation for free.