Costa Rica Nature

Located between two oceans and two continents, the country of Costa Rica is set apart by the intense biodiversity on display within its borders and by its efforts to preserve these natural wonders through future development. No matter what region of Costa Rica you visit, there are unique habitats and ecosystems supporting a wide range of species.

A Costa Rica nature getaway is a wonderful choice for not only outdoor enthusiasts, but those in desperate need of an opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect to the natural world. Whether you choose to stay in a Costa Rica nature lodge or simply explore one of Costa Rica's nature reserves, you will find no shortage of outdoor adventure.

Enjoy a rugged expedition when you hike through Arenal Volcano National Park or the cloud forests of Monteverde. Spot monkeys on one of several canopy tours, or observe the animals of the Caño Negro wetlands, where you may see rare birds tending to their nests. Venture off the coast of Drake Bay and see enormous whales breaching the surface of the Pacific. Many tours are led by Costa Rica Nature Guides, so it's like watching a nature documentary unplugged and up-close.

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