Costa Rica Nature

Costa Rica Nature


Located between two oceans and two continents, the country of Costa Rica is set apart by the intense biodiversity on display within its borders and by its efforts to preserve these natural wonders through future development. No matter what region of Costa Rica you visit, there are unique habitats and ecosystems supporting a wide range of species.

A Costa Rica nature getaway is a wonderful choice for not only outdoor enthusiasts, but those in desperate need of an opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect to the natural world. Whether you choose to stay in a Costa Rica nature lodge or simply explore one of Costa Rica's nature reserves, you will find no shortage of outdoor adventure.

Enjoy a rugged expedition when you hike through Arenal Volcano National Park or the cloud forests of Monteverde. Spot monkeys on one of several canopy tours, or observe the animals of the Caño Negro wetlands, where you may see rare birds tending to their nests. Venture off the coast of Drake Bay and see enormous whales breaching the surface of the Pacific. Many tours are led by Costa Rica Nature Guides, so it's like watching a nature documentary unplugged and up-close.

#1:  Explore The Emerald Greens and Jewel Toned Birds of Nature in Monteverde

When was the last time you really spent time in nature? Not walking through a carefully landscaped city park, but in the heart of the great outdoors, where the air smells sweet, birds sing, and the wildlife dwells in their natural habitat? Nature is alive and well in Monteverde, Costa Rica. The home of two cloud forests — a rare type of high-moisture forest —, countless varieties of plants and animals, and an impressive amount of outdoor recreational activities, exploring nature in Monteverde is anything but boring.

If you're an academic and/or artist, you'll enjoy taking a leisurely stroll with a naturalist guide who can help you identify flora and fauna. More of an adrenaline junky? Zip line through the forest at top speeds, rappel down waterfalls before immersing yourself in secluded swimming holes, and enjoy rugged hikes. If you're an early riser, there are some incredible birdwatching opportunities; if you like to sleep in, you can go on a rainforest night tour.

Rediscover how fun and interesting nature can be when you enjoy an outdoor getaway in Monteverde.

#2:  You Want Nature...Drake Bay & Corcovado Could be the Best Place in the World to Visit

Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula is the home of Drake Bay and a gateway into the Corcovado National Park. Follow in the footsteps of its namesake, Sir Francis Drake, and become a modern day explorer on your Costa Rica nature vacation. There's no need to choose between beaches and forests, because Drake Bay has them both.

Head out to sea and visit Costa Rica's marine life that includes whales, dolphins, sharks and too many species to name. The most common entrance into Corcovado from Drake Bay is at Sirena biological station a 1 hour boat ride.

When the forest beckons, you can trade in your sandals for hiking boots. Drake Bay and nearby Corcovado National Park are supreme destinations for a nature vacation. They literally cannot be beat for the density of biodiversity on planet earth. Monkeys, tapirs, butterflies, sloths, the ever present Scarlet Macaw and thousands of other species thrive in this region. Though the Sun will inevitably set, there's no need to say, "Goodbye!" to nature. Staying at a nearby ecolodge or beachside hotel ensures that you're never far from the outdoors.

P.S. Do a little wandering and you'll be able to find one of Drake Bay's many deserted stretches of beach — perfect for early morning yoga or spending a quiet moment with your favorite person.

#3:  The Animals of Tortuguero Welcome You to Your Eco-Getaway

There are many things that make Tortuguero, Costa Rica special, but the most notable might just be the region's abundance of nature. Tortuguero is translated as 'region of turtles,' which is an appropriate name when you consider the fact that the region is an important nesting ground for green sea turtles. If you're lucky, your trip will coincide with the hatching of baby sea turtles, and you'll be able to witness them make their way to the water for the first time in their little lives.

As you might have guessed, turtles aren't the only creatures to call Tortuguero home. Crocodiles live in the marshes, as do monkeys and tropical birds. Additionally, scheduling a tour with a naturalist guide will help you identify a wealth of plants and animals you might otherwise miss. Take the scenic route when you explore canals via kayak or canoe.

Although you can find natural beauty all over the country, you can see nature with ease when you pay a visit to Tortuguero National Park. Spanning an impressive 46,815 acres (18,946 ha), over 20 miles (32 km) of the park is coastline. It's your vacation, so why not treat yourself to a guided boat tour? If you really can't stand to be far away from nature, you can stay in hotels and lodges that offer you easy access to the beach or place you in the heart of the jungle. Either way, the sounds of nature will lull you to sleep every night.

If you're in desperate need of a reprieve from the concrete jungle, then a Costa Rica nature vacation in Tortuguero will give you ample opportunity to come back down to Earth.