Costa Rica Romantic Vacations

Romance blossoms in this incredible scenery. It also helps to be so far away from your daily routines. Secluded beaches seem like a natural choice, but remember to take time for the national parks. Staying in a secluded resort is a nice way to ensure you can have your meals and cocktails ready for you. Or you can find a private villa, and have a little bit of Costa Rica all to yourselves.

Take Your Romantic Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has always been a natural fit for romance — with its postcard-perfect scenery and friendly locals, it’s any easy place to connect or reconnect with the one you love. Get familiar with Costa Rica’s different environments so you can visualize your vacation.

Feel the Love

Coffee and chocolate grow incredibly well in Costa Rica’s volcanic soil. Take a tour of local plantations and sign up for a tasting. Recreate the cover of your famous romance novel on a horseback riding tour through the grassy plains. You probably both love long walks on the beach (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), and Costa Rica has hundreds of miles of Caribbean, and Pacific coastline.

We’re Here to Make You Happy

You don’t have to stress about planning and logistics, before or during your trip. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll give you the best options for your budget. We’ll work on your itinerary until you and your partner are equally excited. During your trip you can contact our trip planners with any last-minute changes. This is going to be your most romantic trip yet! Get excited, and get in touch with our team of travel experts.

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