Cahuita Hotels

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El Encanto Bed & Breakfast is located in the Caribbean town of Cahuita. Just a five-minute walk from the beach, El Encanto is made up of an assortment of cozy, well-equipped bungalows. Cahuita is a small beachside town with a distinct Afro-Caribbean feel.
The Suizo Loco Lodge is located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, in the quaint town of Cahuita. The coast is rich in lush green vegetation, breathtaking beaches and is bathed in tropical sunshine. The village of Cahuita boasts a colorful blend of Costa Rican and Jamaican cultures, exemplifying the easygoing disposition of both countries. The village offers souvenir shops, supermarkets, restaurants and bars.
Magellan Boutique Hotel is located in Cahuita, a small and laid back village along Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. Laying 27 miles (43 km) south of Puerto Limon, Cahuita has a distinct Afro-Caribbean culture - best observed in the slow-paced lifestyle and culinary expressions of its people - as well as a range of lovely beaches and activities.
The Playa Negra Guesthouse is found in the small town of Cahuita along Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. Cahuita is known for its laid-back vibe, beautiful beaches and spectacular offshore coral reef.
Hotel La Diosa is located within Cahuita, a small beach town set along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Cahuita has excellent beaches and is near the Cahuita National Park.
Atlantida Lodge is located on the laid back Caribbean coast, in the town of Cahuita. Cahuita is a small village with a beautiful beach that is calm and ideal for swimming. You can also find white and black sand beaches lined with coconut palms, making for a picturesque setting. The town itself is small, yet offers a variety of restaurants, bars and is renowned for its breathtaking national park.
Ciudad Perdida Ecolodge is located in the town of Cahuita, along Costa Rica's southern Caribbean coast. This town serves as the gateway to Cahuita National Park, which protects rainforest, white sand beaches, and an intact coral reef.
La Casa del Mango is a multi-story house with four bedrooms. It sits just a few steps from one of Cahuita’s black sand beaches, where you can swim and snorkel in completely clear water.