Bioluminescent Kayak Tour

Bioluminescent Kayak Tour

Take this kayaking tour to see the magic of bioluminescence. The waters just off the Gulf of Nicoya contain a type of algae that glows in the dark.

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This type of algae is very picky about where it lives — you’ll only find it in warm water lagoons that connect to the sea via a narrow channel. They respond to any type of movement, and you can stick your hand in the water to make them shimmer. Fish also set off the algae, and as you watch the water you’ll see different patches of blue-green light up under the stars.

Your tour begins at sunset, and the guide will debrief you on your route before you get in your kayak. It’s easy to navigate around these calm waters — no worries if you don’t have experience. Wear a life jacket, and make sure to ask your guide if you have any questions.

The tour is an hour long and there is a maximum number of 12 participants. It’s best to take the tour when the moon is new, ensuring a dark sky and maximum bioluminescent glow.

What to Bring

Flashlight, bathing suit (or clothes that can get wet), water shoes, and bug spray during the rainy season.

What's included

Guided tour, equipment, water, and towels.


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Traveler Comments

This tour exceeded expectations! We thought we might have trouble discerning the bioluminescence, but once we paddled to dark areas along the shore, it was brilliant. We discovered seven different ways to elicit it, and had fun revisiting the joy of discovery with this adult-sized bathtub toy. The conduct was safe, the kayak was comfortable and the guide was knowledgeable. The tour description said that seeing the bioluminescence would depend on a dark night sky, but did not say when that would occur. So I chose to research the time of moon set at nearby Puntarenas. I used and rather than select a date with a new moon, I chose a date when moonrise was well after sunset. We had ideal calm weather, and this was very successful! The description says the sunsets by kayak are also beautiful, but I wonder whether others who have a bright moonrise before sunset are as pleased.

- EVAN C, JUL 2019

The glamping facility at Isla Chiquita is magnificent and we have enjoyed the experience immensely. the tour was ok and certainly something different.

- JAMES F, MAR 2018
Take this kayaking tour to see the magic of bioluminescence.Bioluminescent Kayak Tour13