Costa Rica Night Tours

Although Costa Rica is well-known for its vibrant creatures of the day, more than 60 percent of the wildlife found in its tropical rainforests is nocturnal. Night tours aim at acquainting travelers with these creatures and the special adaptations they use to survive in the tropics. A flashlight in hand and a bilingual guide by your side, you’ll be led along forest trails as you search for insects, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and more. In places like Tortuguero, you’ll carefully comb the beach for nesting sea turtles by the light of the moon, while in Arenal your search for nocturnal species may be accompanied by glimpses of lava pouring down the sides of the volcano.

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Tiquicia View Point, Costa Rica
Tiquicia View PointEscazu

This tour takes you to the best views and the best show that the Central Valley has to offer. You'll visit Escazú, a San José suburb that has some of the area’s most interesting culture.

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Nocturnal Wildlife Tour, Costa Rica
Nocturnal Wildlife TourPuerto Jimenez

Enjoy a spectacular night tour of Costa Rica’s engulfing jungle. You will be led by expert guides who are able to point out the tiniest animals in almost complete darkness.

Naturalist Guide
Night Tour
Bioluminescent Kayak Tour, Costa Rica
Bioluminescent Kayak TourPaquera

Take this kayaking tour to see the magic of bioluminescence. The waters just off the Gulf of Nicoya contain a type of algae that glows in the dark.

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VIP City Bus Evening Tour, Costa Rica
VIP City Bus Evening TourSan Jose

Get a 360 degree view of San Jose with the VIP City Bus Tour. This European style double decker bus allows you to see more of the city and historical buildings than a typical walking tour.

City Tour
Guided Tours
Night Tour
Tree Top Climbing Night Tour, Costa Rica
Tree Top Climbing Night TourMonteverde

If you loved tree climbing as a kid, then get ready to reach now heights on your next vacation. Explore the Costa Rican jungle after dark on this fun and unique tour that takes you 131 feet up into the forest canopy. You'll feel like a pro again even if it's been years since you went on an outdoor adventure, because you'll have access to equipment to make the climb easier — something you definitely didn't have when you used to scale freehand!

Guided Tours
Night Tour
Night Rainforest Tour, Costa Rica
Night Rainforest TourManuel Antonio

Experience the jungle in a whole new light, without any! The Night Jungle Tour is a unique and exciting journey. If you feel you have seen everything the rainforest has to offer, this is the perfect trip to change your perspective.

Naturalist Guide
Night Tour
Curi Cancha Reserve Night Walk, Costa Rica
Curi Cancha Reserve Night WalkMonteverde

Step into the magical sanctuary of a rainforest at night. There is nothing like seeing nocturnal animals in their natural habitats.

Naturalist Guide
Night Tour
Mistico Hanging Bridges Night Walk, Costa Rica
Mistico Hanging Bridges Night WalkArenal

You haven’t really seen the rainforest until you’ve seen it at night. On this tour of the Mistico Hanging Bridges park you’ll get to walk through the intense nighttime landscape of a primary forest.

Naturalist Guide
Night Tour
Suspension Bridges
Twilight Safari Float, Costa Rica
Twilight Safari FloatArenal

The transition from day to night in the tropical rainforest is a powerful shift, and when most mammals become active. This Twilight Safari Float offers a unique perspective as guests will meander along the Penas Blancas river accompanied by bilingual naturalist guides that help to identify the sounds and sights of the nocturnal rainforest.

Naturalist Guide
Night Tour
Safari Float
Twilight Walk, Children's Eternal Rainforest, Costa Rica
Twilight Walk, Children's Eternal RainforestMonteverde

The Monteverde Conservation League offers a daily night hike on its trail system at Bajo del Tigre, located in Monteverde.

Nature Walk
Night Tour
Arenal Oasis Frog Watching Night Tour, Costa Rica
Arenal Oasis Frog Watching Night TourArenal

This night walk offers visitors the opportunity see many different nocturnal species that inhabit the small refuge of the Arenal Oasis. The bi-lingual local guide will explain the history of the Arenal Oasis conservation effort as well as the impact it has had on attracting more wildlife to the refuge.

Naturalist Guide
Night Tour
Ecocentro Danaus Night Walk, Costa Rica
Ecocentro Danaus Night WalkArenal

Discover the creatures of the night on a night walk through a private reserve named Ecocentro Danaus, just minutes from La Fortuna. This wonderful reforestation project has attracted hundreds of species of wildlife and has become a great example of the regenerative power of the tropical forests.

Guided Tours
Night Tour
Arenal Sanctuary Night Hike, Costa Rica
Arenal Sanctuary Night HikeArenal

More than 60% of the wildlife found in tropical rainforest’s is nocturnal. Many of Costa Rica’s hidden treasures can only be found in the darkness and with the aid of an experienced guide visitors will explore the forest around the slopes of the Arenal Volcano in search of wildlife. The location of the tour inside the Arenal Sanctuary Reserve.

Naturalist Guide
Night Tour
Night Walk Tirimbina Rainforest Center, Costa Rica
Night Walk Tirimbina Rainforest CenterSarapiqui

Take a nighttime tour of the Tirimbina Rainforest Center to see some of the rainforest’s most interesting species of nocturnal insects, frogs, and nocturnal mammals.

Night Tour
Amphibious Reptiles at Night, Costa Rica
Amphibious Reptiles at NightManuel Antonio

The jungle is a noisy place at night. You can get closer to the source of all that nighttime music at a wildlife refuge called Si Como No. Take the nighttime tour of the amphibian gardens to see reptiles, toads, insects, and tree frogs in their nocturnal habitat.

Night Tour
Bat Program, Costa Rica
Bat ProgramSarapiqui

There are approximately 113 species of bats in Costa Rica, which makes up about half of the species of mammals in the country. You’ll learn about the many species and classifications as you make your way through the Sarapiquí rainforest.

Night Tour
Species Exhibits
Jungle Night Walk, Costa Rica
Jungle Night WalkArenal

This night walk tour offers you the opportunity see the nocturnal species that call the Arenal Oasis home. The bi-lingual local guide will explain the history of the Arenal Oasis conservation effort as well as the impact it has had on attracting more wildlife to the refuge.

Night Tour

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