Keeping Communities Clean & Healthy

At Anywhere Costa Rica, we’re committed to keeping our local community clean & healthy. We know that strong communities come from healthy people and vibrant ecosystems, so we collaborate with both national and regional partners to clean up the areas where we live and work.

Anywhere Costa Rica coordinates the Subcommittee on Solid Waste Management for the Blue Flag Ecological Program. In this role, we work to ensure proper management and disposal of solid waste. Our environmental ethos begins at our office and extends to our friends and neighbors. We partner with institutions like the Ministry of Health, the Municipality of San Carlos, the Fire Brigade, the Blue Flag Ecological Program, and the Recycling Collection Center of Z-13 located nearby La Fortuna.

To achieve our community cleanliness goals, we created a commission called Fortuna Recycling Network that is responsible for keeping the La Fortuna/Arenal area clean. The commission is involved in a variety of monthly activities, which include:

  • Training community organizations and schools.

  • Running collection campaigns for recyclable materials.

  • Cleaning local rivers and watersheds.

  • Promoting awareness campaigns on dengue fever.

  • Preparing containers for recyclable materials.

  • Preparing/distributing flyers and informational posters.

  • Participating in environmental marches and fairs.

  • Holding workshops on recycling and waste management.

One of our most important collaborations is with the Recycling Collection Center of Z-13. This project is the result of a few local entrepreneurial women who detected a need for a community-led recycling project. The center collects and processes all the salvageable material in the La Fortuna/Arenal area. In collaboration with this center, we engage in:

  • Waste recovery campaigns

  • Educational campaigns for material separation

  • Collection of used electronics

  • Fundraising and machinery donations

  • Improvements in the recycling center’s facilities

Anywhere Costa Rica is committed to maintaining clean and healthy communities. We know that action starts with the individual, so we work hard to promote community-led campaigns and active civic engagement.