Improving the Environment

We value the environment. Humans and animals alike depend on clean air, fresh water, and fertile soil to survive. We have a responsibility to keep our planet healthy for future generations.

Part of our company’s mission is to give back to the planet and improve the environment of our local area. We know that Earth’s ecosystems are fragile and under constant demands from agriculture, business, and transportation. For this reason, Anywhere Costa Rica gives back to the environment via community cleanup days and educational outreach programs.

We are actively involved in reforestation projects around the La Fortuna/Arenal area. These projects not only bolster the immediate environment, but also help mitigate the effects of global warming. We invite our staff, families, neighbors and colleagues to contribute to our reforestation efforts. We head out into the countryside and plant saplings that will one day turn into large trees. This revitalizes the Earth and gives the members of our community direct contact with the nature.

The rivers that flow through Costa Rica are important — they supply us with fresh water, electricity and recreation, and are crucial to the health of our ecosystems. For this reason, Anywhere Costa Rica participates in regular cleanups of the rivers surrounding La Fortuna, including the Río Frío, Río Burio, and Río Balsa. We collaborate with other community and tourist organizations to clean these rivers and work to determine the best ways to keep them healthy. This is mutually beneficial for the plants, animals, citizens, and tourists who visit this area.

The next generation will be instrumental in caring for our planet. For this reason we engage in environmental educational campaigns in our community. We volunteer in the schools of La Fortuna and El Molino, the San Juan Bosco Orphanage, and at the Professional Technical College of La Fortuna. We teach the children about important environmental issues, including recycling, reducing/reusing waste, ecosystem interactions, solid waste management, and sustainability.