Cleaning the Rivers

A few years ago, we noticed a disturbing problem: the rivers around our community were becoming contaminated with litter. We swim, raft, and draw our water from these rivers. We know how vital they are to our communities and ecosystems, so we decided to take action.

Anywhere Costa Rica teamed up with other La Fortuna businesses and organizations to create the annual Campaign to Clean Rivers. During these campaigns, we’ve had members of the Professional Technical College of La Fortuna, Tourist Police, National Police, firefighters, ASADA, Ministry of Health, and the Municipality of San Carlos volunteer alongside us. Other community members who work in environmental conservation also help out.

Anywhere Costa Rica participates in other similar activities. We supply volunteers and resources to make these river cleanups a reality.

Cleaning the Balsa River (2010, 2011, 2012)

Wave Expeditions organized these cleanups. Volunteers collected trash from areas of the Balsa River that are frequently visited by tourists raft trips.

Annual Trash Collection of the Frío River (2012, 2013)

Go Adventure and FUNDEVOLCA organized these cleanups. We worked with volunteers in an area adjacent to the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge. We left at 5 a.m. with a group of 25 volunteers, 8 kayaks, and 1 boat en route to collect trash from one of the most beautiful parts of the Frío River. The effort was a great success, as the volunteers fanned out on kayak and along the banks of the river to collect trash. We returned at dusk with several bags of garbage.

Annual Trash Collection of the Burío River (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

The Blue Flag Ecological Program organized these cleanups. The goal was to collect trash along the length of the Burío River. More than 80 local volunteers pitched in and collected trash. The trash was then separated into recyclable materials and taken to a recycling site.

Anywhere Costa Rica is proud to take part in activities that not only conserve the environment but also support a spirit of community involvement. Projects like these help ensure a more sustainable future.