Protecting Our Kids

Hogarcito is a transitional home for children who come from abusive and high-risk families. Located in the La Fortuna area, Hogarcito provides kids with a safe, stable, and supportive environment before finding them a permanent home. Some children stay for only a few days or months, while others stay on for years. The children range from newborns to ten year-olds.

Anywhere Costa Rica cares about the kids in our community. Organizations like Hogarcito help ensure that all children are given the opportunity to lead a happy and healthy life.

Anywhere Costa Rica actively volunteers at Hogarcito and serves in a variety of capacities. Sometimes we work with infants and help them develop coordination through arts, crafts, and active play. Other times we focus on toddlers and work to expand their fine motor skills. We bring supplies for making necklaces and practice beading, cutting, and tying — the kids love making their own jewelry! On other occasions we bring animal figurines for the children to play with. We teach them about wildlife and emphasize the importance of ecological awareness.

The children at Hogarcito are eventually found permanent homes throughout Costa Rica. The love and care that they receive here is crucial to their well-being and ultimate success.

Our efforts at Hogarcito are ongoing. We’re committed to the organization and the children that it serves, and feel privileged to collaborate with such a positive institution.