Planning a Luxury Vacation to Costa Rica

Luxury accommodations in Costa Rica have an added appeal due to its impressive scenery. Reserve a room facing the jungle, or bring your friends and family to your lavish beach house. Don't feel like leaving your beautiful retreat? We'll find you a villa where you can have your own private chef. Besides the wonderful places where you could stay, we can offer you private tours and transpor, so you can enjoy the commodities of the air conditioner during your exciting adventures.


Luxury hotels in Costa Rica take advantage of the incredible landscape. Visit a resorts with landscaped, natural hot springs. You can book a stay in an upscale rainforest lodge that has its own network of hanging bridges on the grounds, or gardens where you’ll get an exclusive look at Costa Rican wildlife. For a pampered vacation we can find you a resort with a spa and a yoga studio with an incredible view. Our local travel experts are here to help design your perfect trip, and manage your lodging, transportation, and activity bookings at no extra cost.

Customizable Costa Rica Tours

You can choose how you want to experience Costa Rica. As you bike, hike, kayak, surf, and snorkel, we can provide knowledgeable guides and create the customized trip you’ve always wanted. But if you’re looking for privacy, we can also point you to secluded spots where you can be completely independent, in a villa or a suite that comes equipped with a gourmet kitchen.

We’re Here to Make You Happy

Our amiable service providers will work hard to ensure that your trip is top-notch. We can plan every aspect of your itinerary and make as many adjustments you need. Your vacation is always on your terms — during your trip, our trip planners will be available to make last-minute changes to your itinerary. Get in touch with a travel specialist today so we can make sure you get to book the nicest rooms in Costa Rica.

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